Unique Places Mitigation

Need wetland or stream credits?  Unique Places Mitigation can help.  With decades of experience in conservation science and practice Unique Places Mitigation can help you meet current and future mitigation needs.  Mitigation services we offer include:

  • Mitigation Bank Development

  • Project Specific Mitigation Development

  • Mitigation Bank Management

  • Credit Sales and Marketing

What is a Mitigation Credit?

Mitigation credits are units of exchange defined as the ecological value associated with converting or impacting a naturally occurring resource (stream, wetland, habitat, etc). Mitigation credits are generated by restoring or enhancing degraded resources or by preserving and protecting high quality resources.

What are Mitigation Banks?  

Mitigation banks are entities that generate mitigation credits and then “bank” the approved credits for sale or future use.  Mitigation banks serve several important functions

  • Mitigation banks place permanent conservation easements on the land containing the banked resources. These easements, combined with a trust fund specifically dedicated to long term management of the resources, ensures the ecology of the bank and its resources is protected in perpetuity.

  • Mitigation banks typically provide greater ecological benefit than that of on-site  mitigation. Mitigation banks can secure properties and resources that are of higher ecological quality than the impacted resources that they compensate for.

  • Mitigation banks create efficiencies and lower risk in the development process. Mitigation credits are often lower in cost than on-site alternatives. Purchasing mitigation credits also eliminates the extra permitting requirements associated with approving an on-site mitigation plan and passes the risk of on-site mitigation work from the purchaser to the bank.